Once in a Very Blue Moon

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Brianna Nelson was born under a "Blue Moon." Her psychic grandmother, Lilly, predicted that Brianna would "Walk under the Blue Moon" which would prove to be a difficult path. And Lilly was right. Brianna was raised by Mel, her alcoholic father, who could be nice when sober but mean and unpredictable when drinking! Brianna's life was dysfunctional; often she didn't have food to eat, and she was embarrassed to bring any friends home in case her father was on one of his 'rants.' She did the best she could to survive a life without a mother and without help, a life where she often had to be the parent, buy the food and clean the house!


Her Grandmother Lilly did what she could but was constrained by a promise she had made to Brianna's mother, Ivy. But thankfully, Brianna had a protector, Bobby Coleman, a boy who lived across the street who was a few years older than her. Bobby became her guide, her best friend, and eventually, her love interest! She also had a faithful, kind friend, Rosie, who stands by her through the joys and the heartaches of her life.


Brianna faces many challenges as she grows up, some very difficult and unexpected. But she manages to survive them and grows stronger and more determined to achieve her goals. Her biggest dream is to one day have her own antique business, following in the footsteps of Lilly. Lilly teaches her everything she knows, taking Brianna to auctions and showing her the value of each item she buys. Brianna grew up in the turbulent 60s and she even goes to Woodstock!


In a climatic, frightening nightmare of a day, Brianna and Bobby are faced with the most horrible incident possible. They pull together to combat the most evil forces imaginable. Brianna will surprise you, impress you and make you laugh! She is an unforgettable woman who is someone you'd like to know!




Blue Moon - it can be the second full moon in a month but can also be a moon surrounded by a "blue ring of color" not usually seen around the moon.

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